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What We’ll Explore!

We will show you the hidden gems that you would never find without us.


1.  Urban exploration: abandoned warehouses, quaint run down houses

2. Learn about the Osakan night culture: off the beaten track best eateries, bars and pubs

3.Visit the dark, underground gambling dens:  Majong, Go & Shogi


4. Discuss about taboo issues eg. our homelessness crisis & shame

5. Red Light district: witness a region controlled by the infamous yakuza

6. See bizarre & retro only in Japan establishments. Quirks & superstitions


7. Traverse the unmissable winding, narrow back alleys nearby Namba

8. Set foot in Osaka’s most important, but unknown, shrine.

9. Discover & understand the shady runnings & loopholes of pachinko

10. Visit and hear the background of love hotels & its impact on society