Q. What days do you have the tours?

A. EVERYDAY. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the group tours often becomes full quick, so please book early. Remember before you book, please ask me any questions you may have!


Q. You visit the red light district,  so is this like a sleazy tour?

A. Absolutely not. If you are interested in just rudely staring at the women, we don’t want you to come. We go here because the buildings in this area have a rich history and it’s a Japanese take on how to make a derogatory topic elegant, by use of decoration & skilful architecture . The area’s buildings, housing  and ambiance are completely preserved from the Taisho era. It’s real Osaka culture…..yes I said culture.


Q. Is there an emergency contact phone number?

A. Yes, please call Andy on 080 7012 2238 if there is an emergency


Q. Is it really a money back guarantee?

A. Yes, if you don’t enjoy our tour, we return your money.


Q. Can I do a private tour?

A. Yes of course but you must contact Andy on admarsden1980@hotmail.com to book a private tour in advance.


Q. Is it safe to go to the ghetto area?

A. Yes, I’m a former police officer. I would never put our clients in danger. If you don’t do anything reckless then everything will be fine. We have done hundreds of tours in these areas and nothing bad has ever occurred.


Q. Can females come on this tour?

A. We  have many females who come on this tour. In fact about 50% of our tour participants are female (take a look at our group photos). We have had some tours with only females……. because these are places you would never be able to visit without us.  We explain in detail the etiquette and code to follow, especially in the ghetto and red light district areas.


Q. Can I come alone? is it safe?

A. For sure, 70% come alone.


Q. I am Japanese, is it okay to join your tour?

A. You are very welcome to come. About 10% of our clients are Japanese…..Japanese locales. This surprises many of our foreign guests but we are the only tour in Osaka that has Japanese locals regularly coming on a tour!


Q. Do Japanese locals really come on your tour?

A. Yes, as most Osakan people have never known or visited these areas. This tour is even unique and interesting to locals.


Q. Can Children join this tour?

A. YES, however obviously children can not go to the ghetto and redlight district areas on a PRIVATE tour.  Children can only come on the private tours where we will discover other unique, off the beat, retro areas.

We will take you to areas where the kids will thoroughly enjoy themselves eg. Retro arcade games ( getting a glimpse of video and playing a couple games as far back as 1981), gacha gacha (Japanese capsule toy vending machines, kids get a chance to win one),  play some olden style cork rifle shooting galleries. We can mix this with Osaka’s most historic shrine (houses the god of commerce), venture through the winding alleys full of character and charm, visit the ancient Shinsekai entertainment district, search through the restaurant districts for some of the most quirky, interesting eatries (eg. go fishing for your dinner restaurants,  oden road side trolley stalls etc), go to a traditional “smartball” palor,  check out Japanese boardgame establishments (shogi & go)etc etc

There is un unlimited amount of exciting activities to do in this non touristic region of Osaka that the kids would thoroughly enjoy:)


Q. I feel a bit awkward to go to the homeless area, is it okay?

A. Yes, its fine. We are trying to expose their plight and their desperate situation as their conditions are hardly known even amongst locals. We also work with homeless related charities and fundraise for those less fortunate. Additionally, we host a yearly BBQ with the homeless people.


Q. I can’t speak Japanese, is that okay?

A. Of course, the whole tour is in English.


Q. What types of people join?

A.  A variety of types of people….mostly those who are inquisitive, curious, intrepid travellers and want something more than the average tour to the central bright lights area. From businessmen to young travellers, it draws a varitey of people. From 20~60 years of age…generally those who are more cultured and want to know how this city REALLY functions.


Q.  I’m a shy person. I don’t know if I can fit in or feel comfortable. Is it okay?

A. In this tour we make sure everyone feels welcome and nobody is left out or feels awkward!! We make sure you have a fantastic time understanding the real history of this region and seeing some unforgetable sites… or we give you your money back.


Q. When is the night zoo option available?

A. It is open at random periods during the year. Your zoo entry is included in our ticket fee.



Q. Im a vegetarian, does the kushikatsu restaurant cater for this?

A. Yes, they have over 10 different varieties of lightly deep fried vegetables.


Q. How long will the dinner be?

A. It’s a 1 hour all you can eat.


Q. What is kushikatsu food?

A. It’s lightly battered meat, seafood, vegetables on skewers. They have about 40 different types to choose from. You can have all you can eat for 1 hour.

These are some of the skewers: beef, pork ribs, chicken breast, chicken thigh, squid, salmon, prawn, octopus, scallop, shiitake, lotus root, asparagus, avocado, eggplant, rice cake, quail egg, bacon, cheese etc.


Q. I can’t eat dairy product, is that okay?

A. No, unfortunately the batter contains egg.




Q. How long will we walk for?

A. We will walk for 4.5km in about 2hrs 15mins. Just wear walking shoes or sneakers is fine. No special shoes required.


Q. Is it a difficult walk?

A. No its 4.5km and its all flat all the way for about 2.hrs 15mins. We try our best to go at a pace that is comfortable and suitable to the group.

Q. How many people generally attend these tours?

A. Small groups. Only 2~12 people. But we do cater for large private group bookings of up to 30 people.




Q. I’ve never heard of  “Peatix” payment service. Is it safe?

A. Absolutely, its completely safe and is used in more than 25 countries around the world. It is super easy to use.


Q. I don’t have a credit card. What should I do?

A. You have an option that says “Convenience Store”.  You press this button and you go to the convenience store with your cellphone (you get a barcode on your cellphone) and pay at a special machine (almost every convenience store has this and the convenience store attendant can and will assist you to make and complete the purchase).


Q. If it’s bad weather, when do you notify and cancel the event?

A. We will send you an email via the payment site, 3 hours before if the weather is not suitable.


Q. If the weather is inappropriate to do a tour will I get a full refund?

A. Absolutely, we give you a full refund immediately to your bank account.


Q. Do I get a refund if I cancel before?
A. If you cancel up till 3 days before the tour you get a full refund if you decide not to participate.


Q.Can you arrange some activities after the tour finish?

Absolutely, we can arrange and guide you to bars, clubs in the central entertainment locations.