Tour Highlights

・The mysteriously gorgeous Red Light District
・Colorful and intriguing Ghetto and Homeless area
・90 min all you can eat traditional Osaka dinner
・Historic facts of a region controlled by the Yakuza


Tour Info

Deep Backstreet Osaka

These are the incredible Backstreet Osaka Tours of the ghetto, homeless, yakuza, redlight district and gambling dens. Also you’ll be treated to an amazing traditional meal & desserts at a spectacular restaurant.


We strive to show you the authentic Osaka on this night tour, where you get a real and deep understanding of the inner workings of this amazing city visiting some astonishing architecture which is steeped in history & some run down, derelict areas too…not what Osaka Tourism wants you to see!


We have 4 professional guides (Andy is half Japanese & half Australian, Rutti is American, Tony is half Japanese & half American), Bennet is Australian . All have an extensive knowledge of the Osaka region and can answer all your queries on this walking tour.

We hope it’s going to be an eye opener and a real shock to the senses.

What We’ll Explore!

We will show you the hidden gems that you would never find without us.


1.  Night Ghetto walk: run down warehouse areas, quaint back streets & arcades

2. Learn about the Osakan night culture: off the beaten path eateries & bars

3. Discover Osaka’s lost, unvisited districts on this history tour


4. Visit the grimy Gambling Dens: Pachinko, Majong, Go & Shogi

5. Take a glimpse at homeless region: respectfully & never staring.

6. Red Light district tour: witness a region controlled by the infamous yakuza


7. See bizarre only in Japan establishments. Quirks & superstitions

8. Traverse through the winding, narrow back alleys nearby Namba station

9. Go to the most important, but unknown, shrine in Osaka. Rituals explained

Night Zoo

If your lucky, you can go to the night zoo (limited period). Witness the noctural animals alert & active. Experience the other side of a variety of animal’s habits!


Taste delicious Osaka “soul food” of kushikatsu. Over 40 types of skewered meat & vegetables (like tempura) for 1 hour, includes desserts. Vegetarians okay.

Want To Join Our Tour?

Time : 5:30pm-8:30pm

Meet up location : Daikokucho Station (Exit 2)

Cost : ¥4,800


Tour Guides

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